Scared to try a menstrual cup?

It is not the first time humans have been introduced to an innovation that has the potential to make you forget about the discomforts and upgrade to a hassle-free lifestyle. Contact lenses in 2001 and flying airplanes in 1920, etc were innovations that enhanced our lifestyle but scary was at first. The credit goes to the early adopters, the few brave ones who gave it a shot. All the early adopters have something in common, they thrive on learning and constantly upgrading.

Acceptance of menstrual cups is following the same pattern as does any innovation. The approval of the early adopters in the first world can be heard far in the Orient and it is making women curious. In the United States, we have around 20 Lakhs satisfied users already. Contrary to our belief, in India, about 3 Lakh women have bought a menstrual cup. This data suggests that menstrual cups are being widely accepted and the whole list of benefits hold true.

We have set up stalls in Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore and have had a first-hand experience of introducing the Safecup™ menstrual cups to women from the age of 21 years to 40 years who are housewives, corporate working women, and students. What we understood was that women were apprehensive of the unknown. It is uncommon to insert a foreign object in the vagina, and therefore they might take some time to become comfortable with the idea.

“Is it going to be comfortable? Am I going to feel anything since the cup is going to be in my vagina?” asked a woman at the stall in Mumbai. The beauty of the human body is that although we are alike, our anatomy varies from person to person. Therefore we cannot claim that you are going to be comfortable with it with absolute assurance, but we can tell you what most women have told us.

Once we asked, to a friend of ours, Surabhi Mokashi if she felt anything while wearing a cup. She said, “I am wearing one right now and I don’t feel a thing! – I don’t feel like I am on my periods at all!” Another woman, a school teacher, said it is extremely comfortable. Many other similar interactions with cup users, we infer that in most cases, you won’t feel the presence of a cup when you’re wearing it.

After consulting with a physician, we came to a conclusion that the reason the cups don’t cause discomfort is because during menstruation, overall sensitivity of the vagina decreases and secondly, the lower part of the vagina is sensitive, but that’s not where the cup sits.

Having said that, menstrual cups could cause discomfort if you buy the wrong size or insert it improperly.

If you’re a teenager, smaller women, or someone who hasn’t given birth vaginally, you probably should be using a smaller size cup. A larger cup will push too hard against the vaginal walls and be pretty uncomfortable. It’ll also be really hard to insert properly. So go for the small or medium size™, otherwise a Large.

The other reason that may cause discomfort is if you don’t insert them correctly. Either they’re too high up, or more commonly, too low in the vaginal canal. It’ll be uncomfortable if the base of the cup is sticking out.

Sounds good enough to give it a try? Don’t worry, if you feel discomfort in the first time, Safecup™ has a money back guarantee. Just call the number given on the box.


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