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Safecup Menstrual Cup Wash - 200mL - Prevents Odour - Maintains colour of the cup - Internationally acclaimed formula - The safest

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  • ODOUR CONTROL: We promise your cup will smell as good as new after the wash. We've added Orange essential oil. The citrus tendency cuts through rancid smell like a champion. We've tested it. Its amazing.
  • Wash Before Boiling The Cup: Remove physical sticky bits with the wash, and then boil it. Remember, Wash and boiling should be done back to back. Boil everytime was using the wash. Use the wash, everytime before boiling the cup.
  • PREVENTS DISCOLOURATION: We're going to be honest. It wont prevent the discolouration 100%, it will happen. The cup over time, does change colour, but the wash slows down the process considerably. And you are better with it, than without. Regardless, discolouration has nothing to do with safety of the cup.
  • Lasts You For 18 Months: A 200mL bottle will last you for a very very very long time because it doesnt need to be used everyday! So you're good to go for 18 months with a 200mL bottle.
  • INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED FORMULA: Safecup does not release products without considering everything that needs to be considered. Hence, we went ahead with the best in the market formula, with the safest and the most expensive ingredients.

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