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Crimsorb Period Underwear by Safecup - Underwear that absorbs!

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  1. What if we told you that your pads and tampons are not to be blamed for your stains but your underwears are. And what if we give you a solution for a stain free period.
  2. NEVER LEAK AGAIN: Crimsorb underwear by crimson will never leak. Not 99.99%, but the underwear ensures 100% leakage protection. On periods we are always conscious about leaking. So we keep going to the bathroom to check in the middle. And when we are out, it's always hanging on to us at the back of our mind.
  3. ADDED/COMPLETE PROTECTION: You can use it with or without pads or tampons or cups, that depends on you. It can hold upto 3 pads flow. If you are okay, then use it without anything else! You will need to see how it is suiting you.
  4. REUSABLE: Made of Cotton and elastane with layers of microfibre and one impermeable layer. It's just like normal underwear but with protection.
  5. NO PANTY LINERS: Women with constant vaginal discharge can wear this everyday, and you will not feel wet. And no use of panty liners.

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