What to expect? 

  • This underwear Absorbs and is Reusable and Washable. 
  • Can replace your sanitary napkin or cup or tampon
  • Or will act as an added protection when you're in office, university, travelling or just chilling.
  • Wear them on your light flow or the heaviest flow days.
  • Wear them with or without your Sanitary pad / Tampon / Cup.

How to wear?

You can wear the underwear upto 12 hours, if you are wearing it without the Pad/tampon/cup, and for 24 hours if you are wearing something with it. 

In case you are wondering; the underwear will absorb your flow immediately, and you will not feel any wetness. It is because of a proprietary fabric that sucks the wetness immediately. 

How to wash your period underwear

Safecup Period underwear are easy to take care of, so you can use them again and again — just treat them like of your other underwear

Step 1

As soon as you remove your underwear, rinse it with normal cold water. Then keep it with your normal clothes, until you wash them. 

Step 2

Option 1 - Machine wash
Just wash them with your regular clothes in the same washing cycle. Your other clothes will not be affected by it. Just, Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Option 2 - Hand wash
If you don’t have a washing machine, you can hand wash your Safecup underwear in lukewarm water. Handwashing preserves the elasticity of the underwear for a long time. So, you might want to do this, for all your intimate wears. 

Step 3

Hang them to dry in non-humid conditions. Do not iron them. Your underwear will dry within 10 hours, depending on the sunlight and airflow. 


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