Size & Money back guarantee

If the Safecup that you buy, doesn't work for you, we will send you another size for free or a refund. 

No Colors Added
Made in USA
100% Medical Grade VI Silicone
Money Back Guarantee
Free Size Exchange

Safecup - Made in USA - Menstrual cup

Rs.899 Rs.1,499

*Refund doesn't apply if you're below 18 years of age. 
  • Standard delivery by 6-7 days
  • COD Accepted here

Packaging Includes: Pouch and Registration/Instruction Manual 

• Made in USA
Made in USA in an FDA registered facility.
• Quality & Safety
Safest menstrual cup made in an FDA registered facility with medical-grade VI silicone.
• No Colours
No added colours which means no added chemicals.
• Size Exchange
We send you a new size if your current size does not work, free of cost.
• Refund Policy
We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your cup, you can ask for a full refund.
• Unmatched Customer Service
Be a part of a supportive community and guidance from cup experts.
• Sold in 16 countries
Safecup is sold in 16 countries and we ship globally.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
It's really a blessing.

It's my first menstrual cup of my life. For the first time I was really scared even after seeing it. It seemed impossible to even insert it. Had to give it a great deal of efforts but once I learned it was like a victory. Now I must say it's like a blessing to me.

Great experience

For the first time it seemed impossible to even insert the cup, had to give it a great deal of efforts but once I learned it was like a victory, I can't stop bragging about how safecup changed my life to women who don't use it. I am still lil scared to go through those efforts of inserting and removing for my next cycle but I know it will get better with time.

An amazing experience!

This cup is my 2nd purchase. I had initially purchased a cheaper priced cup in September 2020 and had been trying to get it right ever since then. No matter how many times I tried or how patient I was, it just didn't matter. My cup wouldn't open up after insertion. That's when I realised maybe it's not me but its the cup's fault instead. After doing enough research I came across Safecup's menstrual cups and I was immediately attracted to their free size exchange and 100% refund guarantee policy in case you're not satisfied with the cup. Without thinking much, I immediately placed an order for an M size after talking to one of their executives on whatsapp. When I tried this cup for the first time, boom it got inserted very easily and it opened up in my very first attempt. So it WAS indeed the cheaper cup's fault that I took so much time to convert to a cup. Safecup has made my life so much more easier and comfortable!! There's no wetness, no rashes and so much more affordable over a period of time as compared to sanitary napkins. This is a MUST BUY!!!!!


Its the best product invented for women. This is the best cup and by making a decision to use safecup, my life is 1000 times better.

Size issue!

It's very uncomfortable my back is hurting very badly please reward asap.

The whole period debate.

What does our cup have that the others don’t?


  • Made in USA, FDA Registered
  • No added colours
  • Free size exchange
  • Short stem for a better grip, doesn't poke

Other Cup

  • Made in China
  • Artificially added colours
  • No size exchange policy
  • Long poking stems

The complete solution for your Periods