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If the Safecup that you buy, doesn't work for you, we will send you another size for free or a refund. 

Safecup - Made in USA - Menstrual cup

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*Refund doesn't apply if you're below 18 years of age. Refund & exchange window is of 90 days from Purchase date. 

Packaging Includes: Pouch and Registration/Instruction Manual 

• Made in USA
Made in USA in an FDA registered facility.
• Quality & Safety
Safest menstrual cup made in an FDA registered facility with medical-grade VI silicone.
• No Colours
No added colours which means no added chemicals.
• Size Exchange
We send you a new size if your current size does not work, free of cost.
• Refund Policy
We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your cup, you can ask for a full refund.
• Unmatched Customer Service
Be a part of a supportive community and guidance from cup experts.
• Sold in 16 countries
Safecup is sold in 16 countries and we ship globally.

Customer Reviews

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Finally I could...

I purchased this cup three months back. I failed miserably on my first try and I was so terrified that I didn't try the next month. I did contact the helpline and they told me to apply coconut oil in my next try.
On the third cycle I was totally motivated and thankfully I succeeded. On the first day, I did feel a little pressure when it was inside, ofcourse it's the first day. But after that day it felt like a breeze. This month I had heavy bleeding but I didn't even feel a thing. I got up in the morning totally forgetting that I was on my periods. This is like a dream come true. It's really such a pain to keep sanitary pads for so long and the feeling is just so messy and irritating. I must say this is the most hygienic way of dealing with menstruation. Thank you so much safecup. There's zero leakage and an amazing product, it's firm yet soft, perfect for me.

Revolutionary product for women who struggle a lot during periods

Changed my period life.Made it very easy and comfortable.Better than other china brands.Thank you SAFECUP

Revolutionary product for women who struggle a lot during periods.. Ladies! You can jump run now

Made my life easier.During my 1st cycle I struggled a lot while insertion part and removal too. It was bit uncomfortable.But practice will make you perfect. Used for two cycles and in my 2nd cycle I can feel the difference.It felt quite better than my 1st cycle of using it.Practice will make things easier.Just be patient and keep using the cup(don't loose hope that it is not ur cup of tea I did this in my 1st cycle just be patient).Gradually u will master the art of insertion and removal.I can do yoga without any tension.. No problem of leakages..No more smells of sanitary napkins.. No more damage to our environment.. No more frequent changing of pads.. Once inserted u can relax for 10-12 hrs.. The safe cup has very good quality.. Bit costlier than those china made cups but totally worth it..Thank you SAFECUP

Aarti Pahal
Say "yes" to safecup

As the name suggest it is really safe products that every women should purchase. They can trust this blindly... Really satisfied...

Pranodhi Sajeevan

Safecup - Made in USA - Menstrual cup

The whole period debate.

What does our cup have that the others don’t?


  • Made in USA, FDA Registered
  • No added colours
  • Free size exchange
  • Short stem for a better grip, doesn't poke

Other Cup

  • Made in China
  • Artificially added colours
  • No size exchange policy
  • Long poking stems

The complete solution for your Periods