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Menstrual cup steriliser by Safecup

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  • Forget the stove, the worry, and the hassle. Boil and steam the cup, in your bathroom or bedroom. 
  • Safecup sterilizer automatically switches off after the water is over. It has a separator, so your cup will never touch the base. You don't need to keep checking. 
  • Safecup sterilizer is 3-in-1! It cleans, sterilizes + can store your menstrual cup until next use ALL with one button!
  • Double-walled design prevents burning if you remove the lid just after sterilization.
  • It’s compact! (Size: 4.7''Inches X 4.7'' Inches X 6.2'' Inches)
  • 100% money-back guarantee. We will refund your purchase if you don't like us :) 

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