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Safecup Period Panties - Underwear that absorbs! - Mesh

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An Absolute Game Changer For Your Periods.

Safecup Period Underwear absorbs as much as 1.5 times of your sanitary napkin. 
  1. NEVER LEAK AGAIN: Safecup period underwear will never leak. Not 99.99%, but the underwear ensures 100% leakage protection.

  2. ADDED/COMPLETE PROTECTION: You can use it with or without pads/tampons/ menstrual cups. It can hold upto 1.5 times a Sanitary napkin. If you are wearing JUST the underwear it works for 10 hours on normal flow, and 6 - 8 hours on heavy flow. If using as added protection(Along with a sanitary pad), then it goes for 12 hours.

  3. REUSABLE: Made of Cotton and elastane with layers of microfibre and one impermeable layer. It's just like normal underwear but with protection. Wash it like a normal underwear. Just rinse when you remove it, then keep it for normal machine or hand wash.

  4. NO PANTY LINERS: Women with constant vaginal discharge can wear this everyday, and you will not feel wet. And no use of panty liners.



    Inner parts are cotton, and the outer is nylon for durability.

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